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San Diego Canine LLC

     San Diego Canine is a dog training company that offers straight forward obedience training customized for you and your dog. Specializing in Private In-Home Training- Our goal is to help you achieve obedience reliability in the real world.


     Joe Bottcher is a certified dog trainer and owner of San Diego Canine LLC. Joe's passion for animal science and helping dogs has guided him over the last 15 years in the animal industry. After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science- Dogs became his main focus. Joe is formally educated and certified by Michael Ellis and The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers.

     Joe also has experience managing and working for various dog facilities throughout Wisconsin, Colorado, and California- including rescue organizations, veterinary hospitals, and dog training facilities. His skill set and passion for animals helps drive the mission to help dogs and educate dog owners.


     San Diego Canine uses reward-based teaching and training techniques encourage and motivate dogs to be active thinkers. We treat every dog as an individual with thoughtfulness and care. Through exercise, structure, and affection we achieve well-trained dogs and balanced families. 

     Our must successful clients provide daily leadership to their dogs through exercise & structure. In return, they achieve a healthy and happy relationship with their dog and their community. We find that using a combination of positive reinforcement, classical-conditioning, and operant conditioning methods we create the happiest, most reliable dogs. Building healthy relationships with our clients and their dogs is our top priority. Our goal is to build confident and social dogs with skill sets that are relevant in the real world.


Training Philosophy


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